Get Professionall Website Cheaper Than Building Your Own Website

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A lot of people think that they can create a website in their own arrangement and safe couple of thousand of kunas, and learn something in the process as the website design is nowadays interesting for a large number of people who follow the modern trends. Before embarking on this adventure we recommend that you read the posts that explain how you can lose a lot of time in independent website design, and not come near the goal, or even end up without a website – all that would lead to the website being twice as much than if you hired a professional.

For example, let say that you have some knowledge on website design, which means that this precondition is satisfied, and that it won’t be necessary to spend hours on Google research when you get stuck, you would still need the following construction elements to design a website:

For starters, you will need CMS. The logical choice is WordPress, as it is the most popular CMS platform, which means that there is an army of developers that develop the system, correct the bugs, security gaps, who usually have a big database of knowledge and tutorials, which is also one of the easiest to work in. In addition, WordPress is free.


If you do not want to have an amateur result, you will most certainly skip the free themes that come with WordPress, or those that can be found on various repositories on the Internet, and you will probably go towards a purchase of a complete theme from or A website can look good with such a theme, but it is not an ideal solution as the same theme has probably been purchased by a lot of people, and the same design is probably used by several thousand sites around the world. On the other hand, by hiring our team, you will get a theme that was created just for you, based on your needs, so you will have a unique website at the cost of the website design.

Your website will be in several languages? In that case, in needs to have a WPML plugin. Although there are free alternatives available, the same do not work all that well, so it is safe to say that those alternatives practically do not exist….You need to extract min. 79$ for the WMPL plugin, as the 29$ version cannot translate everything on the web, and after you purchase it you also need to renew the license for additional 15$ every years since the site can stop working after some time and WPML plugin update cannot be completed. At the end, when everything is added together, the most affordable option is to pay the full price of 195$ – and this lifetime license is gained with our website.

Do you need a webshop? The logical choice of e-shop platform is WooCommerce, first of all because it is free, and since it is very popular, an army of developers develops for this platform. However, the add-ons can cost you over $100, and all add-ons that your site will use for webshop functioning per your request, when our web design studio develops your site you will get a lifetime license.

Although the hosting provider ensures a regular backup, you will certainly want to create backups of your own site that you have been working on for years, and keep a copy of the site locally on your computer. Or perhaps for an elegant 3-step transfer of the site to another hosting provider without handling the database of the website. In any case, you can select the BackupBuddy plugin next to other free alternatives, simply because it really works! But just as with WPML and other plugins, after a license expires, you cannot make an update, which again means additional rebuilding costs. As with everything else, we provide a lifetime license in the price of the website design.

You will probably want to have a full width slider on the front page, which in addition to a great visual impression can also serve as an attractive presentation of your products and services to visitors. For simple slide creation by using user-friendly visual editor and a large number of possibilities, you will probably select the Revolution slider. There are, of course, additional costs related to the purchase and renewal of the license. Just like other plugins, this one is also included in the web package price, which is also something our web design studio offers.

In addition to these basic things, sometimes it will be necessary to by additional plugins…such as an online booking system for a hotel or apartment website where visitors can view busy terms and make an online booking through a PayPal or credit card. You will purchase all these add-ons that developers sometimes develop for years before you allow yourself to start programming and spend several precious months. Because of a large number of our completed works, we now have a lot of premium add-ons that do not need to be additionally paid for to obtain a license as they are included in the price of the website development.

And finally, a domain and hosting are needed.
IF you by the cheapest hosting, the pages will open slowly since the servers are located in the USA, and in addition, shared hosting is probably purchased, which means that your server shares the resources with other shared accounts on that server. Such software environment means that all pages “suffer”, if, for example, one user on the server has a site infected with malware that sends out spam, which happens almost every week. Wait for chat support is sometimes at least 45 minutes up to an hour, and when you reach an operator, they instruct you to open a ticket. Then you wait for an answer for a minimum of 1 day – all while the website is not working. These are server farms with a huge number of users, and on the other hand we keep our site on a private, dedicated server that hosts only our works, which guarantees safety and high performance. Furthermore, hosting and domains are included in the price of the website for the first year, and in addition, you get 2 extra years of hosting, including the domain for free for each recommendation! You can read more about the server here.

So, the most affordable option is 273$.

And this is only the price of raw material for the website development – without inserting content, adapting colortheme (color) with the existing visual identity of a business entity, configuration, etc.

In the end, it is certainly more profitable to engage a team that will make a complete website on a turnkey principle, which includes all of these premium additions with lifelong license, thus saving your time and money.

Perhaps those with more skills in computer work think they might be able to bypass the licenses and take a cheaper route if they use free themes and add-ons? Unfortunately, this leads to a hopeless situation as it might happen that in a year the site will simply stop working – and it is not beneficial for the developers to provide this type of support.
The “wiser” ones might try to find all these premium products on torrents? However, there is also a possibility that a malicious code that is in the plug is incorporated in the system, that a hacker has placed on a torrent as a bait to get a backdoor entry to WordPress installation and the cPanel account, which will most probably be used to run scripts for sending spam mails – all of this will eventually result in a hosting account being suspended! Only then an unenviable position occurs as none of the hosting providers will receive the infected web, so it simply remains without the website.
Hackers are nowadays a real threat to web sites owners as they are based on some type of CMS engine, so that all elements of the website must be up-to-date, which is only possible with licensed products – which do not entirely eliminate the risk of break in, but are minimized.